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Easter Sunday - Lucky's Log
Easter Sunday
It's two days until Easter and I haven't eaten or even thought about one single Cadbury Caramel egg. I've had one normal Cadbury egg, though. But the caramels are my favorites.

Anyway, my dept manager at Fry's screwed up my schedule this week so I'm having to scramble around trying to trade shifts. I had a dentist appointment this morning that I had requested time off for about a month ago. The good news is I got today's shift swapped. A really cool guy named Jose traded his closing shift for my opening shift today.

The problem is Saturday. See, we're closed on Easter Sunday, so David, the dept manager shifted around the schedules. I normally have Friday and Saturday off so that I can pick up any events for Party Animals that come in. But David has me working TEN hours this Saturday when I had already accepted a Party Animals event for that day a month ago.

The big problem is that either everyone else is already working on Saturday or can't swap with me or they simply don't want to work ten hours on a Saturday before a big holiday.

It's just been tiring this week arguing and bargaining about something that isn't my fault. I don't get what the big deal is anyway. It's only the resurrection of Christ and the salvation of all mankind is all.

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arrogantmouse From: arrogantmouse Date: March 20th, 2008 05:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
For sure, they totally should be more understanding. If I was working there, I would switch shifts with you! ^_^
1 deelishus soul Would you like to sell your soul for a cookie?