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Nicely played, Mr. Hankamer. - Lucky's Log
Nicely played, Mr. Hankamer.
Two ... no ... three bits of good news.

1) I've found a suitable program to make "archival backups" of DVDs, and have bought the appropriate media with which to do so. A test run will be performed tonight.

2) I've been Certified at work which means the following: I can accept higher payments from customers without supervisor approval, I can certify others, and I get a $1/hr raise that cannot be taken away from me. Yay! (by the way, I work at Fry's Electronics now.)

3) My ITT schedule for next quarter is pretty awesome. I have Thursday and Friday nights open now after about 5:30.

You know what all that means! I'm getting more money and more USEFUL free time, and I'll have "Archival Backups" of my DVDs. yay!

Karma, Denny's is in order.

Jay, Stargate is in order.

Teryl, your non-response to any of my calls or messages since November is OUT of order. Straighten up and fly right, Sparky.

sell your soul for a cookie?