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A New Begining ... Again ... - Lucky's Log
A New Begining ... Again ...
Ok folks, two new developements for you.

A) I am dropping my courses at UH this fall and enrolling at ITT Tech in Webster. I have come to realize that a career in Theatre is not a realistic possibility for me. Especially now that I'm married and we want kids sometime in the next couple of years.

I am enrolling in the Computer Aided Drafting program at ITT. It should only take me about a year and a half. And while their tuition is higher than most because they're a private institute, their job placement rate in the CAD program is 100% every quarter immediately after graudation. And this is something that I can still use as an outlet for my creativity.

Plus it won't stop me from practicing my love for theatre. There are plenty of community theatres in the area at which I can audition for plays or volunteer to be a technician. Who knows? Maybe I can get a job designing sets on the side.

B) I have applied for work at Dish Network in Alvin where my best friend Joey works. They are apparantly hiring anybody with a pulse and Joey assures me I'd get a job even if they were more picky.

They also pay $9/hr just for training, and some not-so-bad benefits, too. And a quite desk job taking tech support and customer service calls will be a nice change for me I think.
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