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Honeymoon - Lucky's Log
Hey everyone. I just wanted to blog a quick update on our honeymoon. The internet at the hotel here is kind of slow, so I won't be posting pictures right now. I'll probably do that tomorrow night, though.

Not a WHOLE lot is happening so far. We're both still getting over head colds, so we're being pretty pitiful.

On Monday we went through the Natural Bridge Caverns just North of San Antonio. Supposedly, it's the largest cavern system in Texas, and it's got lot of neat rock formations inside. When I was 16 my family and I went to Carlsbad Caverns in Whites, New Mexico which is a LOT bigger, so this cavern was cute in comparison.

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot either. We shopped in the little market square downtown and went up and down the riverwalk and ate bacon cheeseburgers the size of our heads. In the evening we saw an improv comedy troupe at the River Center Comedy Club in the River Center Mall. They were pretty funny between teh awkward bits.

Today we did some more not much. We toured the Alamo, saw the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and the wax museum and then bummed around River Center Mall a bit more. We've pretty much stayed in the hotel room since then. I think we're going to hit the hot tub in a little while. The hot wet air helps our throats, so that's pretty nice.

Tomorrow, we're going to be a bit more exciting and hit up Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I really miss the days when we could be bored and say "Hey guys, wanna go to Astroworld?" and just hop in the car and drive up to 610. Now we have to take a four hour road trip to get to the nearest Six Flags. It's sad. But at least Fiesta Texas is about 50 times cleaner and nicer and has better rides than Astroworld could ever have dreamed of being and having.

So I'll update on that little adventure and how many times Jessie will scream like a little girl on the rides. Oh and also pictures of our whole trip so far will be posted on my Photobucket. Friday? We're hittin' the San Antonio Zoo!

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